A broken washing machine can be extremely troublesome in your laundry routine, leaving you with a pile of unwashed clothes and a dilemma to solve. If you are facing such a problem, the decision to repair or replace your washing machine can be difficult. You might also wonder – is it worth repairing a washing machine?. There are several considerations you need to make to know whether to opt for a repair or buy a new washing machine.

To understand these considerations better and make a wise choice, we have compiled a list of points to help you make an informed decision when fixing your washing machine.

Evaluate the condition and age of your machine:

First and foremost, you should check the condition and the age of your washing machine to assess its performance when fixing the washing machine. Consider the severity and frequency of the issues you face. If your machine is new and is still within the life span of a washing machine, then repairing it is a viable option.

Also, problems might be caused by clogged hoses or faulty motors, and these problems can be solved effectively with professional washing machine repairs. On the other hand, if your washing machine is old and often requires to be repaired, then it’s an indication that the life span of a washing machine is coming to an end. Thus, you no longer need to opt for additional repairs or search for how to fix old washing machines.

Weighing the Cost of Repairs versus a New Purchase:

Financial considerations play a significant role in determining whether to repair or replace your washing machine. You simply need to compare the repair and installation costs of a washing machine and check which fits your budget best. If the washing machine repairs cost is significantly lower than a new machine and increases its usability, then fixing the washing machine can be a cost-effective choice.

However, if the repair costs are more than the new washing machine installation cost and the machine is already approaching the end of its life, it is sensible to invest in a new machine. Along with these costs, you must also consider the cost required in maintaining and fixing the washing machine, which includes frequent maintenance visits or the need for specialised parts that may be harder to find when carrying out washing machine fixing. Thus, these cost considerations will help you determine whether is it worth repairing a washing machine or not.

Seeking professional assistance:

People often try to fix their faulty washing machines by opting for a DIY alternative. However, it is not recommended to do so as it can further damage your washing machine and be a safety concern for you.

This is why it is crucial to opt for professional assistance when dealing with a faulty washing machine. Experienced technicians have the right knowledge and tools to assess the problems associated with your washing machine. Thus, they will provide you with reliable advice on whether to opt for a repair or go forward with a replacement.


The decision of whether to repair or replace a washing machine needs careful consideration of the factors mentioned above. They will also help you determine whether is it worth repairing a washing machine or not.

However, making this assessment alone can be a daunting task as you may not have the right knowledge about washing machines. This is where the reliable professionals at Ideal Refrigeration & Appliance Services come into the picture. Our professional technicians will assess all your washing machine problems and provide a solution that fits your needs and budget.


You must service your washing machine at least once yearly to keep it in optimal condition and identify any potential issues.

The time taken to install a new washing machine can range from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the complexity of the installation and additional requirements.

Before repairing the washing machine, you need to disconnect the power supply, gather the necessary tools, familiarise yourself with the machine's manual and seek professional guidance.

The decision to repair a 10-year-old washing machine depends on the extent of the issue, the repair cost, and the overall condition of the washing machine.

Are you searching for washing machine repairs in Brisbane? If yes, you have already taken the first step towards looking after your appliances and giving them the care that they deserve. Living in a fast-paced society, it is natural to forget to pay attention to details regarding our appliances, to which proactivity can help diagnose these issues. It is recommended to get your machines fixed by a professional, instead of delaying the process and therefore worsening the state of your device.

At Ideal Refrigeration, we offer services such as washing machine repairs,  including solutions to:

  • Water drainage
  • Water leakage
  • Unit not switching on or off
  • Noise
  • Electrical faults
  • False codes
  • Supply and installseals for doors
  • Condenser and heat pump valve cleaning
  • Jammed doors
  • Drum issues

Our washing machine repairs Brisbane team of highly skilled and experienced experts will ensure that the matter at hand and any other noticeable shortcoming is dealt with, to which we can also provide you with relevant tips in the future on how to clean your washing machine.

Washing machine maintenance is pivotal, as your washer ensures that your clothes and textiles are kept dry and clean. It is an appliance that your household completely relies on. Doing your laundry is hard enough, let alone working with a faulty unit will just test your patience.

Symptoms such as foul smells, drainage issues and noises should be acknowledged  and not neglected,  to ensure that the lifespan of your machine is predictable and long. Washing machines are a long-term investment, where  having to buy a new one will only burn a hole in your pocket. However, our professional appliance repairs in Brisbane are not only efficient but affordable as well.

Outlined below are suggestions on how to clean your washing machine and other tips for washing machine maintenance:

Tips For Washing Machine Maintenance:

  1. Cleaning your washing machine properly:

It is normal for fabric conditioner and detergent residue to build up inside your machine. Although, we recommend not leaving it at that. One must take steps to clean the residue at regular intervals. To keep your machine clean and smelling fresh, use a cleaner or mix hot water with vinegar and baking soda.

Using a damp cloth or rag soaked in hot water, clean your fabric softener dispenser. Also wipe down the door, gasket and drum to prevent your machine from producing odd smells. Clean the lint filter regularly.

  1. Use the right amount of detergent:

Make sure you read the manual of your washing machine before using detergent. The manual will tell you the appropriate amount of detergent to be used. If you excessively use detergent, not only will it wear and tear your machine but will leave residue on your clothing. . When there’s residue on your clothes, wearing them can be uncomfortable as they can cause allergies or reactions.

  1. Don’t overload it:

It is better to pay attention to the number of clothes you’re washing in one cycle. Putting too many clothes will not wash your clothes sufficiently, as machine balance problems will reduce the spin efficiency. If you are washing heavy materials such as blankets, bedding and more, it is better to wash smaller loads.

  1. Check all hoses:

Hoses can easily break down or burst. It is important to keep checking them for weak performance or signs of wearing. If you notice cracks or blister-like signs, it is time to replace the hoses.

  1. Leave the door open after every wash:

Make sure to leave the door open for a few minutes after every wash. This will help keep the appliance fresh and prevent germs from breeding. Closing it immediately will cause germ build-up and foul smells.

All of these suggestions above can help you prevent seeking washing machine repairs in Brisbane, particularly if you’ve kept an eye on the problem yourself.

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