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Fridge Repair Technician Belmont

Fridge Repair Technician Belmont

When things go wrong with your domestic or commercial refrigeration unit the team from Ideal Refrigeration and Appliance Services will be there without delay, so you don't lose your cool. Whether it's a small domestic fridge, freezer or wine fridge or a large commercial beverage cooler or freezer room, our fully licensed technicians will perform a thorough diagnostics to pinpoint the fault and give you a clear appraisal of the problem.

We always carry a large stock of genuine spare parts for components, which commonly wear out and need replacing; our repairs are carried out on the spot to get your refrigerator up and running as quickly as possible. Our friendly technicians will give you helpful tips to ensure a smooth and efficient function of your refrigerator saving you money and minimizing on environmental impact. There has hardly been a situation we cannot solve or a brand of refrigerator we haven’t worked on

Our confident technicians have good knowledge of refrigerator parts and mechanism which allows them to fix any problem, big or small. We understand the value of your time and money, thus try to deliver same day results whenever possible at the cost-effective price.

How you can take care of your refrigerator
It is important to maintain the condition of your refrigerator to avoid any problems. You should take proper care and we are there to help if anything still goes wrong.
  • Clean the door seals: Keep cleaning the door seals at frequent intervals to improve its lifespan. Wipe any food residue using warm soapy water to avoid molds, drying and cracking. If there are cracks on your door seals, it can let the cold air escape from the refrigerator, making it harder for the fridge to work.
  • Keep it adequately filled up: You need to provide thermal mass inside the fridge in order to maintain adequate temperatures. The foods and drinks you preserve in it absorb warm air coming in when the fridge is opened. If the fridge is overfilled, it will not be able to circulate cold air evenly inside the refrigerator.
  • Clean the coils and trays: Clean the coils and drip tray every six months to keep it away from dust and dirt. Doing this will increase its efficiency and it continues working at optimum level.  
If this seems a hassle to you, we have our technicians to serve you with the best. You are just a call away from our efficient services.

Which refrigerators we repair
Our experts can work on a variety of refrigerators of all makes and brands of ……..
  •  Domestic Fridge/freezers
  •  Walk-in freezers
  • Cold storage units
  • Walk in cold rooms
  • Beverage Fridges
  • Commercial Fridges
  • Wine Coolers
Give us a call when:
  • Water leaks from the refrigerator and you fail to identify the leakage source.
  • The refrigerator runs but does not cool efficiently
  • It stops working completely.
  • You notice hissing sounds from inside.
  • The power circuit trips down.
  • The cycles continue turning on and off after cleaning the condenser.
  • There are any other unusual changes in the appliance.

Be it any model or brand, we repair them all. We have all the necessary skills and expertise 
to offer you the highest standard services.

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At Ideal Refrigeration & Appliance Services, our experts offer best fridge or freezer repair services in Brisbane. All of our licensed technicians are available 24x7.
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At Ideal Refrigeration & Appliance Services, we keep your convenience as our top most priority. For us, your comfort and satisfaction matters more than anything else. As such, we ensure you faster results based on your needs and urgency. Our technicians are always ready to serve you with honesty and reliability. Feel free to get in touch with us for any queries or services that we offer.