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Frequently Asked Quesions

  • Refrigeration:

    1)My freezer is working well but my fridge is not.
    2) My fridge is tripping the main fuse when i plug my fridge.
    3) the food in the top shelf of my freezer has defrosted but on the bottom shelf's is still frozen.
    4) water is leaking inside my fridge.
    5) there is a rattling noise in my freezer.
    6) my fridge and freezer doesn't work at all.
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  • Air Conditioner:

    1) My air condition is not cooling as it used to.
    2) my air condition gives a bad smell when switched on.
    3) my air condition wont blow hot air when in heating mode.
    4) My air condition wont turn on or respond to my remote control.
    5) My air condition leaks water after a while when turned on.
    6) when i turn my air condition on the green light just keeps flashing and its not cooling.
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  • Appliances:

    1) My washing machine is leaking from the bottom.
    2) my washing machine is leaking water from the front.
    3) My top loader washer drum is hitting from side to side when in spin mode.
    4) My front loader washer is making a grinding noise when in wash mode.
    4) My washing machine does not go in to spin at the end of the cycle.
    5) There is no power in my washing machine.
    6) my dishwasher leaks when it is in the wash cycle.
    7) My dishwasher does not wash the dishes well.
    8) my dishwasher shorts my main fuse when i try to use it.
    9) My dishwasher wont power up.
    10) There is still water in my dishwasher even after the cycle is completed.
    11) my dishwasher wont progress to the next cycle.
    12) My dishes are still wet after the cycle is completed.
    13) my dishwasher gives a burnt smell when i use it.

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