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Air condition Service & Maintenance

Air condition Service & Maintenance

Ideal Refrigeration and Appliances Services is known for its up-to-date air condition servicing and maintenance. Our technicians are specialised in maintaining and cleaning window units, split systems, ducts and even ceiling cassette. We allow you to breathe fresh and clean air with our regular and exceptional air condition services.

With passing time, various organisms like fungi, moulds, bacteria, mildew, skin cells spread dirt over the air conditioners. This is a reason why you should clean and get your sir conditioners serviced regularly. You will feel healthier and save a significant amount of money as you avoid any major damage with proper maintenance. We are proud to provide you immediate assistance, doing the job with complete accuracy to the highest standards.  

Our maintenance services
We enable you to save on your operating costs with our preventative maintenance services in which the core activities involve:
  • Filter cleaning or replacement
  • Programmed maintenance
  • Coil and duct cleaning
  • 24/7 breakdown
  • Warranty and service
  • Systematic fault diagnosis
  • Air balancing
  • Plant and equipment replacement
  • Coil and unit corrosion protection
  • General servicing
  • Control set up and replacement
  • Commissioning and De-commissioning
  • Building management systems

Why you need to perform proper maintenance of your air conditioner

1. Saving power bill

Getting your air conditioner serviced will save almost 30% of your power usage. This is because a unit works under great pressure when dirty, as it needs to work hard in order to pull air through it. To get the desired result the unit works longer hours and consumes more energy. 

2. Microbial contamination

When you don’t service your air condition regularly, chances of microbial contamination becomes high. It gets infected by bacteria, moulds and fungi which contaminates the air you breathe. This is not a good sign for children and asthma patients. Our preventative maintenance programme will clean your air conditioners, eliminating contamination giving you a fresh and healthy air to breathe.  

3. Increased longevity

On servicing your air conditioner at frequent intervals, you increase its life. An air conditioner that is never serviced reduces its life by up to 75%. Think, what if this happens to your air conditioner? No worries, we are here for you!

What our technician does for you
When you get in touch with us for your air condition maintenance, the technician would:
  • Check if the amount of refrigerant is right
  • Identify refrigerant leaks if any, with a leak detector
  • Seize any refrigerant which needs to be discharged, rather than releasing it into the air
  • Look out for any seal duct leakage
  • Measure the amount of airflow passing through evaporator coils
  • Check electric terminals, remove dirt and tight any loose connections and put a non-conductive coating
  • Measure the thermostat accuracy
  • Identify the right electric control order and ensure the cooling system and heating system operate efficiently
  • Checks the condenser coils and heat exchange measures are correct.


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